Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Even Hate My Rock and Roll

John Lennon

In John Lennon's song, "Yer Blues" (tab), he's got the blues so bad he even hates his rock and roll. Six years into the Bush administration, with every day bringing a brand new outrage, I sometimes even get tired of reading the political blogs I like to frequent. How long can this go on? As one commenter asked on a blog, this is the worst presidency ever - how can the Democrats not find an issue to run successfully on?

Geov Parrish neatly sums up the Bush presidency in one sentence ... well, make that two sentences (via Gordon at Alternate Brain):

So it has come to this. After two stolen elections, a secret energy task force, Enron and assorted other corporate scandals, massive tax cuts for the rich, the largest federal debts and trade deficits in world history, blowing up the ABM treaty, killing stem cell research, laughing off global warming, allowing 9-11 to happen, stonewalling its (and every other) investigation, failing to catch Osama bin Laden, the PATRIOT Act, still-unsolved anthrax attacks, launching a secret prison system, denying due process to both foreigners and Americans, engaging in torture, monitoring Americans' phone calls, e-mails, and faxes without a warrant, launching unprecedented foreign and domestic propaganda campaigns, blurring the line between church and state, trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez, using lies to launch an illegal invasion of Iraq, badly mishandling both the occupation of Iraq and the resulting insurgency, outing Valerie Wilson (and lying about it), grandstanding on Terri Schiavo, pushing through a miserable Medicare prescription drug law, privatizing public lands, trying to privatize Social Security, securing CAFTA, appointing two reactionaries to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Abramoff scandals, and botching Katrina's aftermath as well as its rebuilding, among many, many other things -- after all that -- the tipping points that bring Cheney and Bush to this abysmal public standing are shooting a lawyer and defending an ordinary transnational corporate deal.