Saturday, October 30, 2004

Cue & Review

Steve Gilliard's "Why is he still around?" zeroes in on the heart of the matter of Osama Bin Laden's new videotape (emphasis added by me):
In the single worst week for Bush since 9/11, Bush's rank incompetence has exploded. Hundreds of tons of highly deadly explosives spread around the country, killing Americans.

The Lancet accusing the US of killing 100,000 Iraqis in 18 months.

Halliburton being investigated by the FBI.

Rudy Giuliani blaming the troops like he used to blame black parents when the cops shot their kids.

Now, OBL coming back to remind people he's not dead, not caught and is, in fact, looking tan, fit and rested.

* * *

Since George Bush has been president, a terrorist who kills 3,000 Americans is neither in jail or dead, 1100 American troops are dead, and the Taliban still terrorize Afghanistan.

* * *

The US is in a quagmire in Iraq and Osama is still free. Americans die horribly every week in Iraq. They are maimed and wounded while their attackers escape retribution. And Osama is still free. Americans die in the Hindu Kush. And Osama is still free. Three years into World War II, Berlin was a smoldering ruin and most of the Japanese Navy was at the bottom of the Pacific. Three years into Korea, the South had been saved. Three years into Vietnam, the NVA had been broken in a series of battles from January to May, 1968.

Yet, three years into the war on terror, Afghanistan is the opium capital of the world, Iraq is anarchic and Osama is still free.
And why is the full extent of Bush's incompetence only now being revealed in the week before the election? The media should have begun and continued to report on Bush's incompetence beginning in the 2000 GOP primaries and continuing to the present day. Instead, Osama is still free.


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